Synnefo Development Begins

One of the sought-after feature requests from OpenICC is the need to make Kolor Manager a standalone program.  Since I’ve found the time to do some outside coding this semester, I would like to extend my assistance to undertake this project.

Synnefo ( σύννεφο – the Greek word for “cloud”)* will be the standalone version of Kolor Manager, which will keep Oyranos (“sky”) as its internal color management system.  The key advantages for developing Synnefo will be in the following:

1.) Portability. Any environment that supports QT will be able to use Synnefo as a convenient color management solution (such as OS X and Gnome).

2.) Better modularity. Kolor Manager was originally designed with KDE’s System Settings in mind.  Synnefo will be independent, and thus, will allow more freedom in coding new features without conforming to a particular code base.

The goal for the initial implementation will be to carry over the current Kolor Manager code (as it exists right now), and strip away all KDE code. The creation of a main dialog that will hold together the three base modules (“Devices”, “Settings”, and “Information”) is a priority, as well as to provide room for future module expansion – say, the inclusion of a “Parser” or “Viewer” module via AnalyzeICC.

Since this is a project that will be worked on during my school session, I won’t be able to devote full-time on it.  However, I would like to offer this loose, two-month timeline as a way to keep pace:  The month of March will be dedicated to creating the main dialog and organizing the file structure for Synnefo. April will be spent finalizing the code and testing Synnefo in different environments outside of KDE.

Any suggestions are welcome. (Development repository)


*Special thanks to Yiannis for helping us decide on Greek names.

7 thoughts on “Synnefo Development Begins

  1. Kolor Manager looks very nice and useful. I don’t remember seeing it in KDE system settings. Does it mean it is not yet part of KDE source or must I do something special to enable it? If it is not part of the source code, is there any plan to integrate it?

    • Hi, Alexandre.

      Being out of the loop for so long, I had thought that KM was being handled by members of OpenICC after I had worked on it, and that plans were under way for its integration into KDE. Unfortunately, I do not know the process or the requirements in which an item in “playground” can be put into KDE’s main repository.

      In any case, I must insist that I work on Synnefo in these few months, as the workload is something I can do while in my studies. Kolor Manager will still exist on its own, but the decision of whether or not it is ready to go into KDE is not mine.


      • Thanks for the link, DarkoT.

        If there is a consensus among the members in OpenICC as to what exactly needs to be done to Kolor Manager to get it in KDE mainline, then I can perhaps make some time to help out.

        However, I do not want to take too much time away from the Synnefo development.


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