Google Summer of Code 2011 – Day One

The 2011 Google Summer of Code has just begun and so has the project!

As some of you reading this might already know, the coding project that I am working on is an adjustment of my original proposal, which was to provide color management support for the CPD. That has since changed to instead focus on creating a working printer/color-management prototype.

The discussion over at the OpenICC e-mail list has provided a wealth of clues as to what needs to be done during the summer, and I have managed to read up on some of the threads that have been posted during the last few weeks. However, the difficulty of this project lies in the simple fact that only one summer has been given to me to work on this. This means that we cannot get away from narrowing down the best ideas into something that can be worked out in a span of three months.

What I have done to get started for this week is set up a personal repository that will house either the complete prototype, or the components that will be used to support it. (Link is below this posting.)

This blog will be used for important updates on the project, and a Twitter account ( will be used for day-to-day updates.

For this week, I will be re-reading the discussions and will help decide on a good starting point for writing code.

These three months will be a tremendous undertaking for me and I will do my very best to help create a prototype. Given the scope of this project and the many different layers of work that will be involved (lower-level up to the user-interface), I will undoubtedly need assistance from not only my mentor, but the various experts at OpenICC and OpenPrinting.



Personal GsoC’11 Repository:


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