GSoC’11 Update – Week 1

Hello everyone.

Last week I spent a little more time reading over the CPD discussions on the OpenICC list and the various CUPS/ICC references.  Weighing both the project time frame and what is immediately possible in developing the prototype, I decided that we stick to Kai-Uwe’s original workflow model in transporting ICC profile data within a PDF/X file.

So essentially, the GSoC project will take the Qt/Oyranos route.

What will begin this week is the implementation of the profile selection code, as well as a demonstration app that will be used to test the functionality of the workflow, piece by piece.   In other words, the application will house modular components that will make up the complete workflow.

The prototype for the CPD, as it will be known throughout the GSoC timeframe, will be called the eXperimental Common Print Dialog (XCPD).

So with all that said and done, the real coding begins this week.



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