GSoC’11 Update – Week 2

Hello everyone. Here is the progress update for Week 2 .

In figuring out a a method to test code throughout the summer, I have decided to create an application that will be used to both trace the individual parts of the print/CM workflow, as well as provide a sampling of what the actual CPD might look like with color management.

To differentiate between the GSoC project and the existing CPD, I chose the name eXperimental Common Print Dialog (XCPD) for this color-managed prototype.   On the right is a snapshot of the main menu in the XCPD Test Suite* application, which provides two options:

“Test CUPS/ICC Functionality”

This brings up a sub-menu that will list the individual workflow components to be used for testing.  Each item on that list will open a separate dialog that will model the internal CUPS/ICC module for diagnostic and demonstration purposes.

“Launch XCPD Dialog”

This will open a CPD mockup that will eventually be used to fully model the complete printer/CM workflow.  Once all the workflow components have been coded, this can be used as a comprehensive demonstration tool. (Right now, it only contains a static Level 2 UI.)

At the moment, I have also started writing code for the profile-selection part of the workflow.  The snapshot to the left is the ‘Profile Selection’ test dialog found in XCPD Test Suite.  It is able to take both a printer ID from CUPS and a user-selected preset, and send those to the internal CUPS/ICC module (“Selector”).

Not much can be done right now except to choose a printer and a preset, and hand them over to the Selector module.  What is returned to the dialog is simply a profile that Oyranos CUPS already has associated with a printer.

Week 3 will focus on hammering down the profile selection/calibration code, which instead of returning, say, an sRGB profile, it will actually provide a different profile based on the printer and preset.


*The XCPD Test Suite application can be found here on my Gitorious page. (git)


3 thoughts on “GSoC’11 Update – Week 2

  1. btw. the code in git compiles and runs fine on actual openSUSE and Ubuntu with Oyranos development files being installed.

    The Oyranos CUPS module tries to download the PPD profile to see if its reachable and gives here a warning about some osX specific paths not being present. Thats all about vendor profiles. In opposite the local user profiles are to be resolved in Oyranos’ core.

    The choices inside the presets selector make not much sense at the moment. But that surely will change 🙂

    • Great to read that it compiles.

      And yes, at the moment, the “presets” that are setup right now were placed there for initial testing. The actual presets – the ones based on APPrinterPreset – need to be sorted out from inside the profile-selector module. (Which internally will be handled by using the meta tags.)

      It also seemed to make the most sense to let the profile-selector module do all the magic from a single call in the dialog (‘xcpdSelector_getCalibratedProfile(..)’). That way, the only thing the dialog really needs to see are the profiles being handled by Oyranos.

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