GSoC’11 Update – Week 3

Week 3 was squarely focused on implementing the profile selection code.

What is currently available in the git is an updated Profile Selector Test dialog, which shows the proper presets based on the APPrinterPreset attributes in the PPD file.

However, work on the profile-selection module for the test dialog is still not complete. A fix in the xcpdSelector module’s current abstraction is still needed – instead of returning an oyProfile_s* object (with its PPD), an xcpd structure will instead be returned, encapsulating profile, PPD, and related CM information.  That way, *all* internal CM code can be tucked inside XCPD’s Selector module, which itself establishes an abstraction barrier between the print dialog and the profile-selection code.

At the moment, I am writing the draft of a manual that will outline and demonstrate (by way of a tutorial) the capabilities of the XCPD and its CM modules.  My blog will be updated before my next update with the draft, and then eventually polished up for inclusion in the ColourWiki.

While code is still being written for the XCPD’s profile-selector, Week 4 will see the start of the PDF/X module code using Ghostscript.  Simultaneously attacking both problems at once will better help establish a clearer abstraction for the XCPD CM Modules and the new XCPD structure.



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