XCPD Manual (Part 1)


The eXperimental Common Print Dialog (XCPD) is a color-managed Qt prototype for the Common Print Dialog (CPD).

Given the current development status of the CPD – as well as a need to separate the progress made by the OpenPrinting team and this particular endeavor – the XCPD will serve as a standalone model for a printing workflow with color management.

In providing a testing/demonstration facility during development, the XCPD and its internal CM code will be housed in an application called the XCPD Test Suite.

The following is a walkthrough to download and build the XCPD Test Suite.


The XCPD and the XCPD Test Suite was designed in Linux using KDE4, so it is required that the user be running both in order to run the UI.  Having Qt4 installed in the system is assumed.

CUPS must also be available, although any version above 1.1.19 will work.

Profile color management is handled mainly by the Oyranos CMS.  In order to test the profile selection in the XCPD Test Suite, you must have the git version of Oyranos installed.

For PDF rendering, Ghostscript 9.04 is needed.

Downloading the XCPD Test Suite

The XCPD Test Suite project is available via a git repository.  Make sure that git is installed on your system prior to continuing.

To download the project, please use the following line in a console:

>git clone git://gitorious.org/google-summer-of-code-2011/xcpd.git

This will create a project root directory named “xcpd”, along with all of the appropriate files.

Updates to the code can be downloaded by issuing the following command in the project root directory:

> git pull


After downloading XCPD Test Suite, go to the root directory and type the following (in sequence) to build the executable:

>mkdir build
>cd build
>cmake  ..

Once the executable has been created, you can run the program by immediately typing:

>cd src

(NOTE: The ‘xcpd’ executable name will eventually be changed to ‘xcpdTest’.)

Quick Tour

A.) Main Menu

This is the initial menu for the XCPD Test Suite.  From here, you can either test the dialog directly using “Launch XCPD Dialog” (D), or test an individual CM workflow component (profile-selection, image preview, etc.) by clicking “Test CUPS/ICC Functionality” (B).

B.) Sub-Menu – “Test CUPS/ICC Functionality”

This menu will list the available dialogs to be used in testing a certain stage of the color-managed printing workflow.

C.) Test Dialog – “Profile Selection”

Shown here is one of the individual CM “test dialogs”, specifically the Profile Selector Test.  Dialogs like this will be used for extensive testing of the internal XCPD code, but will not reflect the actual UI design.  Consider these dialogs as a “playground” for testing.

D.) XCPD – “Launch XCPD Dialog”

This is *the* XCPD, based on the design scheme for the CPD.  Unlike the individual testing dialogs (C), this dialog will be used to simulate the look and feel of a color-managed CPD.

(Updated versions of this manual will be available on ColourWiki.)


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