GSoC’11 Update – Week 4

I spent much of Week 4 modifying the internal XCPD CM code to model the finalized XCPD CM scheme, as well as write a basic overview for that model (“XCPD Manual (Part 2)”).  The code is quite messy as a result, and will be cleaned up prior to commiting those changes with git.

With that said, the Ghostscript Interpreter library is now included in the package and is ready to accept rendering commands from XCPD.  The Qt/CPD code that is stored in the bzr repository has now been copied into XCPD, although there are still build issues that need fixing as a result of the move.

With the new pieces in place, writing the workflow code will be much easier now.

Work on both the Profile Selection and PDF Rendering modules will continue for Week 5, as well as writing Part 3 of the XCPD manual – which will focus on the XCPD Color Management API and will include a couple of examples.



5 thoughts on “GSoC’11 Update – Week 4

    • Hi Kai-Uwe.

      The latest version of Ghostscript (8.70) should help build XCPD. I also recently fixed the build system so that it properly locates the GS library file.


      • xcpd builds fine with 8.71 and poppler-qt4 installed.

        The view-dialog is already connected to xcpd?

        The PDF Rendering does not allow me to Load PDF File. Is that ok?

        Launch XCPD-Dialog does nothing. Ok as well?

      • Glad it works.

        I’m still testing the Ghostscript code with XCPD and have commented out some of the internal stuff so that nothing weird results from my testing. When embedding the profile works, the ‘PDF Rendering’ dialog should be useful.

        The view-dialog is not yet connected, but I have removed the old dialog so that room will be made for it. So “Launch XCPD” is disabled in the meantime.

        This should all change in the next few days.

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