‘Profile Selection’ update…

Hi everyone.

Code for the XCPDCM ‘Selection Module’ code has matured to the point where it can be properly tested – the’ Selector Test’ has been modified to properly diagnose the internal code:

The test will find the available printers detected by CUPS and load three sample options for testing.  Choosing an ‘ICC color option’ will set the mode in which the internal code will handle the profile selection process.

Although all the pieces are in place internally, there are some parts of the code that need a little more tweaking before it works 100% — namely, the few parts of the XCPDCM Selector code that call Oyranos (some of that is being corrected at the moment).  This means that the test will most likely return a CUPS fallback if you select “AutoSet”.

The “ApplicationSet” option is the  request for a systems profile, although at this time, the actual CPD does not seem to have specifications on how to handle profiles sent from an application.  In this case, the XCPDCM Selector Module will likely mimic the “ManualSet” option, in which an explicit profile will be set.


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