XCPD Manual (Part 3c)

The XCPD Color Management API

Profile Selection Overview

Note: The following assumes that a “ICC color profile” option is located in the PPD, ensuring that the user-specified ICC selection option is already within the ppd_file_t* object.  An alternative solution for PPDs without this mechanism will be mentioned in Part 3d.

The XCPDCM Selector Module handles the profile selection code via Oyranos, a well-known color management system (CMS).  Its job is to receive configuration data from a PPD file – specifically during the selection of options by the user in the print dialog – and apply the profile-selection workflow as recommended here.  Based on the settings marked in the PPD object, a profile will thus be stored in an xcpd_cm_t* object, which will be available for PDF transport (see Part 3B of this manual for details on the PDF rendering code).

A function named xcpdCM_setProfileFromPPD() is to be called in order to initiate the profile-selection sequence.  A ppd_file_t* object must be marked with the user-selected options prior to sending it into this function, along with an xcpd_cm_t* object.  What is returned is both the xcpd_cm_t* object with an appropriate profile, and a xcpdcm_sstatus_t result enumeration.

Here is a snippet of the code:

xcpd_cm_t* cm_obj = xcpdCM_initialize();
ppd_file_t* ppd = ppdOpenFile("ppdfile.ppd");

// Select dialog options by marking the PPD file object.
// ...

xcpdcm_sstatus_t result = xcpdCM_setProfileFromPPD(cm_obj,

If desired, the xcpdcm_sstatus_t enumeration can be returned in the dialog code to check on the result of the function.  The following are the enumeration values that can be returned:


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