XCPD Demo App + CM API Tutorial Available

The XCPD Color Management API has been complete and an in-code tutorial of its full usage can be viewed in the “dialog_main.cpp” file (located in ROOT/src/dialog/” directory).

In addition, the “dialog_main.cpp” code contains the pieces for the XCPD prototype model, which can be sampled by clicking on “Launch XCPD Demo” button in the main application.

The dialog is a stripped-down version of the CPD, containing only the code and options that are relavent to color management.  Upon launching the demo, it will ask for a PDF file to test the PDF rendering part of the color-managed workflow (the code here will actually create a COPY of the PDF so that the original file will not be altered).

The focal point of the demo is the “ICC color profile” combobox, which contains the appropriate options for ICC profile selection in the print dialog.  Although at this time the internal code is still underway to properly adjust the profile for all cases, the required XCPD CM API calls are included in the dialog.

There still may be some shaky code that will result in some crashes, in which case I will continue to update the internal code for the next few weeks.  In particular, PDF rendering capability (invoked by pressing the “Print” button) has been commented out in the meantime for fixing and the image preview does not work.

Nevertheless, the prototype is now of use at the moment and taking a chance to look at the “dialog_main.cpp” file will demonstrate of the XCPD CM API’s possible usage in other applications.


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