KolorManager First Release! (v0.95)

I am pleased to announce the first release of KolorManager, version 0.95.

You can download the revision as a git snapshot in various formats.

(Once downloaded and installed, the application will be located in KDE’s System Settings panel under “Color Management”.)

Thank you to all who have contributed to the project over the years – KolorManager has grown due to the efforts of those who have helped code, package, translate, and offer suggestions for its further development.  KDE integration would also not have been possible without those members who have given the project their support.

It is hoped that we continue to make more improvements from here on out, and that we wish to see KDE users benefit from using a system-wide color management solution like KolorManager.


3 thoughts on “KolorManager First Release! (v0.95)

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    • Hi Mark.

      Not at the moment, I’m afraid.

      Right now it’s packaged with OpenSUSE. We’re hoping that will change once more people can help contribute the KolorManager’s development. 🙂


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