Pre-GSoC’12 Report – Week 1

Hi everyone.

This is my first pre-GSoC update for the Krita color-managed printing project.  Although the official start of Google Summer of Code is not until May 22, it is nevertheless a good idea to get the ball rolling early.

Last week I have been polishing up the libCmpx code and improving its color-management abstraction.  The original prototype library (XCPD) lacked proper abstraction in its code, and was a little difficult to read and understand. The recent structure change in libCmpx should make things easier for me to work during the summer, as well as providing a cleaner interface for when the library is eventually implemented in Krita.

In a few more days, I will post on my blog and on ColourWiki an updated diagram of the libCmpx structure.  In addition, I will begin creating a new test suite for libCmpx in order to make sure that the library is up to snuff prior to integration.

I will be picking up the pace in the coming weeks and will provide much more substantial updates – May 12 will be the first day that I am able to work full-time on the project.


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