Pre-GSoC’12 Report – Week 2

Hey everyone!

The graphic that you see above is the architecture model for libCmpx – the key library used in getting printer color management to work in Krita. There is a slightly more detailed description on the ColourWiki page, but the entire library can be summarized as an application interface to calibrate printer settings (based on a selected ICC profile), as well as to generate a color-managed, print-ready PDF file.

With last week’s work of prepping the libCmpx code for development all finished, I will now proceed to fine-tune both libCmpx ‘Selector’ and ‘Renderer’ code. Both these modules – with the help of Ghostscript and Oyranos – actually do the work to make print color management happen. Of course, with the abstraction that was recently implemented in libCmpx, the Krita developer and user will not know about the kind of work they are doing inside the library. Such is the magic of abstraction!

In addition to the code updates, I’ve mostly been busy setting up the library’s test application. The “libCmpx Test Dialog” is a print dialog simulator that will be used for development work, making sure that the library is in good shape to be included into Krita. It is now housed in libCmpx git, but is not quite ready yet (it should be fixed by the end of the weekend).

Onward now to some serious coding…!


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