GSoC’12 Update – Week 2

Hey guys,

Here’s a quick update on what’s been happening with the printer color management project for Krita.

Since last week, much of the work was focused in providing a “communication” link between the individual print dialog settings and the libCmpx Selector module. I have just pushed a major commit today for the library that should tightly bridge the two together, allowing Oyranos (housed inside libCmpx Selector) to properly read these settings and process an appropriate ICC profile. With a little more testing and fine-tuning in the module, half of libCmpx will be ready for integration with Krita.

The next few weeks will focus on the second half of the library, which is the PDF spool rendering module (libCmpx Renderer). Work has already started this week in creating a print preview mechanism in the Renderer module, where Ghostscript will create a color-managed, PNG preview of the PDF spool file.


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