A Cloud Appears in the Sky… (Synnefo+Oyranos)

Here’s another quick update on the current development of Synnefo.

The code for the Kolor Manager modules have finally been transferred, which means Oyranos can now ‘piggyback’ its functionality using Synnefo.

Synnefo using Oyranos.

There’s still some work that needs to be done with the saving and loading of  certain settings within Synnefo (most of them UI-related), and the newly-added Default/Save/Apply buttons are just there for show.

Implementing those will be the next goal.


Download tarball


Synnefo Update — Initial Progress

Greetings everyone.

Just wanted to throw out a quick update on the Synnefo progress.

Synnefo now has build system and can create an executable from the instructions listed in the README.  I’ve linked the main interface with the three KM-derived modules, so all that really works is the module selection, which changes the module UIs.

You can download the current build here.

Those of you familiar with Kolor Manager should notice that when you run this build, the interface for Synnefo looks almost the same.  The big difference, however, is that it can be run using its own executable – without ever accessing KDE System Settings or entering a kcmshell command.  Only until everything is transferred from Kolor Manager’s current state into Synnefo will plans for differentiating the two be made.

The next goal will be to get the internal stuff from Oyranos to work in Synnefo.